Intellectual Property Facilitation Centre (IPFC) was established at MLR Institute of Technology in association with the Ministry of MSME, Government of India on 2019. The centre is dedicated to MSME, startups, academics/research institutes, entrepreneurs and researchers in India. The centre helps to protect their intellectual property by providing best IP services from drafting to grant of IPRs and technical consultation to convert their ideas into secured marketable products.

The major activities of the centre includes

  • To create awareness about recognition of their rights over their ideas and products.
  • To promote R & d and investment in the marketable products by conducting proper freedom to operate search
  • To prevent competitors from mimicking their ideas and products by proper filing of IPRs.
  • To create the identity in the corporate sector by branding strategy and filing trademark.
  • To increase the creditability and revenue generation through proper IP based contractual agreements.