IQAC is established for continual improvement and monitoring of the long – term quality standard in academic and administrative activities after being accredited by NAAC. IQAC aims at imparting quality education in the college. IQAC is now an integral part of the college management system for strategically planning and implementing methods to improve teaching – learning and evaluation processes. It acts as an authorized channel for driving the college in the path of academic excellence by chalking out action plans for removing deficiencies and qualitatively strengthening the system. IQAC methodologically works for Quality Assurance, Quality Enhancement and Quality Evaluation in the overall deliverability of the college.

Dr.M.Satyanarayana Gupta, IQAC Coordinator

Dr.M.Satyanarayana Gupta is currently working as a Professor and Head, Department of Aeronautical Engineering at MLR Institute of Technology. He obtained his Bachelors of Technology in Mechanical Engineering in the year 1999 and Masters of Technology in Mechanical Engineering in the year 2001. He was awarded the Doctoral degree in Manufacturing Technology in 2014 by JNTU Hyderabad. He has 21 years of teaching experience for both UG and PG. He guided several in-house projects for both UG and PG. To his credit, he has 53 publications in various Scopus Indexed, Peer reviewed journals, National and International conferences. He played a key role in establishing Centers of Excellences in Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering departments, Centre of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in college. He is also currently serving as the Honorary Joint r Secretary for IAAA India chapter. Dr. Gupta is certified trainer for NBA process. He has expertise in handling and coordinating NBA, NAAC, UGC Autonomous, NIRF ranking related tasks.