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Why Choose MLR Institute Technology

"You create your own opportunities take the first step towards your success."

1. Industry integrated Curriculum corresponding to rapid technological advancements.
2. More focus and exposure to project based learning.
3. Student Centric Teaching pedagogies.
4. Qualified and Experienced faculty.
5. 90% Placements track record.
6. Research and Innovation Driven Institute.
7. Training in upcoming interdisciplinary Technologies.
8. Intercultural and Interdisciplinary Contests.
9. Seeding funding for innovation and incubation facilities for startups to the tune of 50Lakhs.
10. Encouragement to purse hobbies and extra-curricular activities in order to not miss out on overall development.
11. Scholarships for meritorious sports persons to participate at global sports forums to the tune of 1.4Crore.
12. Twelve centers if excellence with cutting edge technologies.
13. Platforms to build and showcase talent.
14. State of the art Indoor & Outdoor Sports Facilities with National reputed Coaches and Trainers.
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