CLUB LITERATI is a call to action for every student at MLR Institute of Technology. The club organizes the activities that highlight the importance of reading and addressing specific needs related to confidence building in communication skills and personality development. Club Literati, with the splendid motive of enlightening minds, stand against the hindrances which an individual is likely to face once they enter the corporate world. Club Literati strives to bridge the gap between literature and sciences through events.

The heart of the CLUB LITERATI curriculum is communication. It’s the place where the club-members meet to practice, learn, grow and share. Here one finds a sportive & supportive learn-by-doing environment & a team that allows one to achieve their goals at their own pace, in turn an assured supportive feedback and recognition from club members.

The fundamental objective of CLUB LITERATI-MLRIT is to educate the students through the process of self-improvement and leadership training so that the increase their confidence and usefulness in business, entrepreneurship, professional and community life.

The club comprises of the students only from II, III, and IV- B. Tech. and from all the streams, with regard to their interest in joining the club.

Every year, the students of III & IV-year from the CLUB LITERATI, recruit the students of II-year. The students who are competent at exhibiting their skills exclusively at communication, arts (particularly designing) or any skill in which they have interest & ease are welcomed to join CLUB LITERATI.

There shall be “NO ENTRY FEE” to join CLUB LITERATI. The members of the club host various premier events such as Model United Nations (MUN), TEDxMLRIT and publishes college's newsletter semiannually.
  • • MUN, an authentic simulation of United Nations wherein students share their interest for international affairs, the art of diplomacy and the principles of UN.
  • • TEDx, an independently organized TED event devoted to spread ideas, usually in the form of short and powerful talks.
  • • AUSGABE, a bi-annual gazette/newsletter that provides insights of college by regularly updating readers about news and ongoing events in the college.

The CLUB enables its members to learn at their own pace in a proven curriculum that was built on four guiding principles.

  • Experiential learning – By organizing events and fulfilling leadership roles that is practiced and can be improved.
  • Peer feedbacks – Grow and improve through honest and supportive peer evaluation.
  • Mentoring – Encouragement, guidance and support and help to achieve more than the thing that is thought possible.
  • Self-paced program – Develop skills at own pace and comfort level.

  • • To help its members standout amongst the league of peers.
  • • To enhance the students’ organizational skills and persuasive skills.
  • • To build/ boost self-confidence of the students to be at ease not only professionally but also socially.
  • • To improve their oral expression and thought
  • • To develop their confidence and ability to speak in public
  • • To obtain instruction and experience in the conduct of events that indulge communication.
  • • To promote the habit of analytical listening
  • • To assist each other through constructive evaluation
  • • To develop their capacity for leadership
  • • To promote good fellowship among men and women
  • • To advance mutual understanding through more effective communication
  • • To foster and encourage "Better Listening, Thinking and Speaking" • To make students experience the ting of success & confidence by the time they leave the college.


In General:

All the faculty/student co-coordinators shall

  • • Work collaboratively for the upbringing of the club with no altitudinal differences
  • • Be responsible for monitoring the time of meeting segments and speakers.
  • • Provide a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.
  • • Empower individuals to become more effective communicators and leaders.
  • • Work with Integrity towards achieving goal, Respect towards the individual, Service, Excellence at the output.
  • • Enable Modernization that better reflects real-world communication and leadership scenarios
  • • Hosts/organize various premier events such as Model United Nations (MUN) and TEDX
  • • Publish the college's biannual newsletter AUSGABE.
  • • Sustain their cooperation, amity towards their fellow coordinators in the all the thick and thins.

In Particular:

Faculty co-coordinators of the respective department

  • • Collects the information regarding various Industrial visits, workshops, seminars or something unique (that deserves announcement) that happen in their department.
  • • Records the information of the event (Hard copies) in a concrete file every week and carry it to the meeting on the day it is scheduled by the management.
  • • Attend the meeting organized by the Lead co-coordinator / The Secretary every week (on the day feasible / as decided by the Lead coordinator).
  • • Shall sign the minutes for meeting Record book (penned by The Lead coordinator) every time they attend the meeting.
  • • (Only the Lead coordinator) visits the principal to the get the “Minutes of meeting Record book” signed every fortnight.
  • • Discuss the possible solutions & draws necessary conclusions to make better progress in the affairs of the club.
  • • Ensure that there shall be English faculty member as an Evaluator, attached to the club whose help attains significance in AUSGABE’s publication to provide verbal and written feedback.


1 4TH 16R21A2126 L Srilekha AERO 9704279876
2 4TH 16R21A05J9 B. Saranya CSE 7658973537
3 4TH 16R21A05K2 Ch Neeharika CSE 9705821059
4 4TH 16R21A05L7 K. Krutika CSE 9010088861
5 4TH 16R21A05P3 T V S Chaitanya CSE 8328148291
6 4TH 16R21A05P4 T. Pradeep CSE 8328343162
1 3RD 18R25A2120 S Chaitanya AERO 8332846718
2 3RD 17R21A21A6 Sri Katyayani AERO 9177235757
3 3RD 17R21A05D0 CH Sadviq CSE 8179634728
4 3RD 17R21A05F8 N Sharath Chandra CSE 7702545470
5 3RD 17R21A05H4 P Uma Maheshawari CSE 9701523322
6 3RD 18R25A0526 V Soujanya CSE 9951923351
7 3RD 18R25A0413 D Sravan Kumar ECE 7386475043
8 3RD 17R21A04L4 K Thrishma ECE 8247389924
9 3RD 17R21A0447 R Akanksha ECE 7036464567
10 3RD 17R21A0459 V Rishika Reddy ECE 9959866069
11 3RD 17R21A1235 P Pallavi IT 9121604880
12 3RD 18R25A0319 K. Prakash Raju Mech 7893575064
1 2ND 18R21A0308 Bhanu Prakash Mech 6281622194
2 2ND 18R21A0348 Bhavana Mech 9121355102
3 2ND 18R21A0344 Murali Mech 8096960249
4 2ND 18R21A0587 Shravani CSE 8179429425
5 2ND 18R21A0585 Varshith CSE 9398865859
6 2ND 18R21A05L0 Himika CSE 9381725972
7 2ND 18R21A05B5 Nikhitha CSE 9848635095
8 2ND 18R21A05N5 Pavani CSE 7032126421
9 2ND 18R21A05P6 Sahithi CSE 8897836424
10 2ND 18R21A0512 Dasari Chaitanya CSE 8341888844
11 2ND 18R21A05Q0 Sridhar CSE 7993447633
12 2ND 18R21A05N8 Nitya CSE 7036504323
13 2ND 18R21A0524 Akhilesh CSE 9502402745
14 2ND 18R21A1287 Sree Mukhi IT 7093591524
15 2ND 18R21A04P9 Nimisha ECE 9063692869
16 2ND 18R21A04F9 Vamshi ECE 9133520729
17 2ND 18R21A0450 Vishal ECE 8179167591







1 Mr. Ch. Abhimithra (Lead Coordinator) T & P 7032729581
2 Ms. Jyothi (Co-Coordinator) ECE 9849746386
3 Mr. Khaleel Aero 9618122496
4 Mrs. A. Manusha Reddy CSE 8555933599
5 Mrs. Shaik Khamar Jahan H&S 6300485868
6 Mr. Sandeep Iddalgave IT 9742498795
7 Dr. Surya Narayana MBA 7981530033
8. Mr. Limbadhri Mech 7702282678







9. Mr. Laxmipathy NSS 9948063596
10. Mr. Sridhara EPICS 9441732592
11. Mrs. Durga Sree SPEED 9010520885
12. Mr. Srinivas P.D 9966402376
13. Mrs. Sree Pavani CAME 9848495153
14. Mr. Ch. Abhimithra Literati 7032729581
15. Dr. Karthik Rajendra R & D cell 9159815169
16. Mrs. Chaithrali EDC cell 9100040992
17. Mr. M.V. Babu MLR-IUCEE 8106873527

A Model United Nations or MUN is an academic simulation of the United Nations that aims at educating participants about civil society, effective communication, globalization, intercultural tolerance and multilateral diplomacy.

MLR Institute of Technology proudly hosted its 4th edition of MLRIT MUN on March 28th, 2019; instituted to provide a platform to make voices heard. About 150 delegates from various places have attended the conference. The agendas in the committees created interest and debate upon the issues that are infecting the world.

The Secretariat were the heart of this conference, their edict has made a huge difference. Their efforts contributed substantially to the conference.


Secretary General – Deepika Goje

Director General – Ch. Neeharika

Under Secretary General – Sahith Mandalapu

MLRIT MUN’s committee agendas provided for every interest. With 4 committees the MUN has nudged potent debate from the delegates.

Committees and agendas United Nations General Assembly

Agenda – Emergency Special Session on Pulwama Attacks United Nations Human Rights Council

Agenda – Universal Acceptance of LGBTQ Rights United Nations Security Council

Agenda – Analysing the scope, definition and validity of right to self determination with emphasis to Israel-Palestine, Serbia-Kosovo & India-Pakistan.

All India Political Parties Meet

Agenda – Revocation and Amendment of Article 370 &the AFSPA Act in Jammu and Kashmir.

At this conference, the delegates came together and debated upon issues with diplomacy. The members of Club Literati have created an atmosphere which promoted speaking, debate, problem solving and team work.