The Academic Council shall primarily be concerned with all the academic affairs of the college, encompassing academic staff, academic planning, instructional issues, students, co-curricular activities, halls of residence, discipline. It is the responsibility of Academic Council to endeavour to ensure that best practices are implemented and standards are maintained.

The Academic Council shall exercise the following functions:

  • To frame and revise the curriculum of every academic programme of the college.
  • To make arrangements for the teaching of all the courses required for completion of various academic programmes.
  • To make arrangements for the conduct of examinations, as required.
  • To make recommendations to the Governing Council for conferment of degrees and other academic titles.
  • To supervise the working of the Central Library of the college.
  • To promote research activity within the college.
  • To collaborate with other academic institutes and industry.
  • To create an environment conducive to the development of entrepreneurship.
  • To provide for management of the hostel of the college.
  • To ensure discipline amongst the students.
  • To provide for and supervise the co-curricular activities of the students.
  • To award stipends, scholarships, medals and prizes to the students.
  • To provide effective guidance for placement and training of students.
  • To appoint Committees from amongst the teaching faculty of the college and experts from outside, to advise on specific academic issues; and to act on the recommendations of such committees after due consideration.
  • To appoint a Review Committee periodically, to review all the academic activities of the Institute, including the curricula and academic rules and regulations, and to act on its recommendations after due consideration.
  • To plan and execute the overall academic growth of the college, including apprising and making recommendations to the Governing Council, where necessary.


S. No. Name of  Members Actual Designation AC-Designation
1 Mr.M.Laxman Reddy Chairman - MLRIT Member - Governing Body Nominee
2 Mrs.M.Mamata Reddy Treasurer – MLRIT Member - Governing Body Nominee
3 Dr. K. Srinivas Rao Professor & Principal Chairman
4 Dr. M. Anji Reddy Professor & Director, R and D, JNTUH Nominee of the JNTUH
5 Dr. L. Sai Baba Reddy Professor & Principal, JNTUHCEH Nominee of the JNTUH
6 Dr. N.V. Ramana Professor & Principal, JNTUHCEJ Nominee of the JNTUH
7 Dr.L.Prathap Reddy Professor in ECE – JNTUH Member - Outside Expert
8 Dr.K.Vijaya Kumar Reddy Professor in Mech – JNTUH Member - Outside Expert
9 Dr.G.N. Srinivas Professor in EEE – JNTUH Member - Outside Expert
10 Prof.B.Rajashekhar Professor in School of Management & Dean – University of Hyderabad Member - Outside Expert
11 Dr.Y.Srinivasa Rao Scientist –G, DRDO - Hyderabad Member - Outside Expert
12 Dr.T.Vijender Reddy Chairman – Vardhaman College of Engineering Member - Outside Expert
13 Mr.C.Murugeshan CEsO - Sravana Industries Member - Outside Expert
14 Dr.M.Chandra Sekhar Professor in Civil Engg & Registrar – NIT Warangal Member - Outside Expert & Governing Body Nominee
15 Mr.M.Kantha Reddy Director – IUCEE(The Indo US Collaboration for Engineering Education) Member - Outside Expert & Governing Body Nominee
16 Mr. M. Murali Mohan Reddy MD, Privilege Estates Member - Outside Expert & Governing Body Nominee
17 Mr. D. Narendar Reddy MD, Balaji Pipe Industries & Sakthi Industries Member - Outside Expert & Governing Body Nominee
18 Dr.M.Satyanarayana Gupta Professor & HOD in Aero Member
19 Prof.N.Chandra Sekhar Reddy Professor & HOD in CSE Member
20 Prof.M. Venkateshwara Rao Professor & HOD in MECH Member
21 Dr. S.V.S Prasad Professor & HOD in ECE Member
22 Dr. Mahendra V. Professor & HOD in EEE Member
23 Dr.G Kiran Kumar Professor & HOD in IT Member
24 Prof Dr M.V.Narasimha Rao Professor & HOD in MBA Member
25 Dr.V.Radhika Devi Professor & HOD in S&H Member Secretary
26 Dr. Purna Chandra6 Rao Professor & Dean in CSE Member
27 Mr.G.Prabhakar Reddy Assoc. Professor in CSE Member
28 Dr.T.Upender Reddy Secretary – Vardhaman College of Engineering Special Invitee 
29 Mr. N L N Reddy Placement Officer, CBIT Special Invitee