Faculty Profiles

Head of the Department
Name Qualification Academic Profile Email Id
Prof.N.Chandra Sekhar Reddy M.Tech,Ph.D M.Tech,Ph.D naguchinni@gmail.com
Name Qualification Academic Profile Email Id
Dr. Ilaiah Kavati Ph.D Ph.D kavati089@gmail.com
Prof.K.l.Chugh M.Tech,Ph.D M.Tech,Ph.D kl_chugh@hotmail.com
Dr.K.V.S.N Rama Rao Ph.D Ph.D hodit@mlrinstitutions.ac.in
Dr.G Kiran Kumar Ph.D. Ph.D. hodcse@mlrinstitutions.ac.in
Dr. Bulusu Rama Ph.D Ph.D rama_bulusu@yahoo.com
Prof.Dharma reddy M.Tech M.Tech mlrit.micro.projects@gmail.com
Associate Professor
Name Qualification Academic Profile Email Id
L.Lakshmi M.Tech,Ph.D M.Tech,Ph.D laxmi.slv@gmail.com
Kande Archana M Tech M Tech kande.archana@gmail.com
B. Madhuravani M.Tech,Ph.D M.Tech,Ph.D madhuravani.peddi@gmail.com
P Ram Mohan Rao M.Tech,Ph.D M.Tech,Ph.D rammohanrao@mlrinstitutions.ac.in
Mrs. P.Anjusha M.Tech,Ph.D M.Tech,Ph.D anjusha.mlrit@gmail.com
Chandra Sekhara Reddy Tummuru M.Tech,Ph.D M.Tech,Ph.D chandu.tummuru@mlrinstitutions.ac.in
Poreddy Dayaker M.Tech,Ph.D M.Tech,Ph.D poreddydayakar2@gmail.com
M.Jhansi M.Tech,Ph.D M.Tech,Ph.D mateti.jhansi@gmail.com
D Raghu M.Tech M.Tech raghu.d@mlrinstitutions.ac.in
R Krishna Nayak M.Tech. M.Tech. ramavath.krishna@gmail.com
Natha Priya M.Tech,Ph.D M.Tech,Ph.D priya.natha.28.85@gmail.com
N Thulasi Chitra M.Tech M.Tech thulasichitra@gmail.com
Vadlamani Veerabhadram M.Tech,Ph.D M.Tech,Ph.D drbhadram@gmail.com
A Ramachandra Reddy M.Tech M.Tech rcreddy.ravi@gmail.com
Naga Subbareddy Ramireddy M.Tech M.Tech rnsreddy@yahoo.com
Assistant Professor
Name Qualification Academic Profile Email Id
J Lakshminarayana M.Tech M.Tech ljammula5803@gmail.com
VAGALABOINA KRISHNA M.Tech M.Tech vagalakrishna@gmail.com
Iddalgave Sandeep M. Tech M. Tech sndp.iddalgave@gmail.com
Palelli Purushotham M.Tech. M.Tech. purushotham541@gmail.com
J.Rajinish M.Tech M.Tech jrajinish@gmail.com
Nagavelli Yogender Nath M.Tech. M.Tech. yogendernath@mlrinstitutions.ac.in
K.RAJESH M.TECH M.TECH rajeshcalvary@gmail.com
B.Veda Vidhya M.Tech M.Tech vedavidhyab@gmail.com
T.Durga Devi M.Tech M.Tech tddevi.thulluri@gmail.com
K Pushpa Rani M.Tech M.Tech rani536@gmail.com
N.Prameela M.Tech M.Tech prameelakotipalli@gmail.com
Sheri RamchandraReddy M.Tech M.Tech ramchandra.ram123@gmail.com
Mrs A.Naga Kalyani M.Tech M.Tech nkalyani.a@gmail.com
Shampa Ghosh M.Tech M.Tech moulik.shampa63@gmail.com
Sarita Choudhury M.Tech M.Tech sarita@mlrinstitutions.ac.in
K.Praveen Kumar M.Tech M.Tech praveen.koram@gmail.com
K Parisuddha Babu M.Tech M.Tech kp.holyer@gmail.com
G.Sowmya M.Tech M.Tech gsowmya@mlrinstitutions.ac.in
N.Shirisha M.Tech,Ph.D M.Tech,Ph.D nalla.shirisha@gmail.com
Duvvapu Mahesh Babu M.Tech M.Tech duvvapumahesh@gmail.com
Sheri RamchandraReddy M.Tech M.Tech ramchandra.ram123@gmail.com
Divakara Reddy Desireddy M Tech M Tech divakardesireddy@gmail.com
Nirmala .T M.Tech M.Tech nirmala99teegala@gmail.com
A.Gayatri M.Tech M.Tech gayatrireddy16@gmail.com
Prashanthi M.Tech M.Tech prashanthi2007@gmail.com
E.Amarnatha Reddy M.Tech M.Tech amar.enumula@gmail.com
Y.Madan Reddy M.Tech M.Tech madanreddyyen@gmail.com
Navya Karangula M.Tech M.Tech navyareddy.karangula@gmail.com
B. Anupama M.Tech M.Tech b.anupama89@gmail.com
Kallam Hemanthi M.Tech M.Tech hemanthikallam@gmail.com
Tabitha.E M.Tech M.Tech tabithaparadise.123@gmail.com
R.Sujatha M.Tech M.Tech sujatha.rajamani@gmail.com
A.Sravanthi Reddy M.Tech M.Tech sravanthi.anumasula@gmail.com
P Swathy M Tech M Tech swathyreddy084@gmail.com
Ch Anil M.Tech M.Tech chintalapudianil5@gmail.com
K V Srinivas M.Tech M.Tech kvsrinivas2016@gmail.com
Ambadi Vijetha M.Tech M.Tech viijethaambadi01@gmail.com
Mallela Ratna Raju M.Tech M.Tech ratnaraju466@gmail.com
Oruganti Ramesh M.Tech M.Tech rameshmalyadri@gmail.com
Prabhakar Reddy.G M.Tech M.Tech sao@mlrinstitutions.ac.in
Bhanu Jyothi C M.Tech M.Tech bhanujyothi2015@gmail.com
Venkata Siva Rao Alapati M.Tech M.Tech avs.mlrit@gmail.com
U Vijaya Lakshmi M.Tech M.Tech vijaya061@gmail.com
k Sarojini M.Tech M.Tech maryruth.joney@gmail.com
Muvva.Suneetha M.Tech M.Tech sunee.muvva@gmail.com
G Vijay Kumar M.Tech M.Tech gogula.vijaykumar585@gmail.com
B.Lakshmi M.Tech M.Tech lakshmi.b614@gmail.com
L Prashanthi M.Tech M.Tech prashanthi.lokasani@gmail.com
P Rajani M.Tech M.Tech rajani191990@gmail.com
G. Venkat Rao M.Tech M.Tech venkatrao515@gmail.com
K.Sai prasad M.Tech M.Tech saiprasad.kashi@gmail.com
G.Divya Jyothi M.Tech M.Tech divyag.1605@gmail.com
Jyothi Pulikanti M.Tech M.Tech mjyothi2025@gmail.com
Burla Nagaraju M.Tech M.Tech braju2018@gmail.com
K.HimaBindu M.Tech M.Tech himabindukursam@gmail.com