Why choose To MLR Institute of Technology



  1. NIRF

We are one among the top 10 in Telangana and in 151-200 rank band at all India level (The National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF)The parameters broadly cover- “Teaching, Learning and Resources”, “Research and Professional Practices”, “Graduation Outcomes”, “Outreach and Inclusivity,” and “Perception”.)


  1. No. of Ph.D's

Since PhDs are with various research backgrounds, they are updated with latest technologies in the Industry and hence can transfer the knowledge. Better guidance to the students in terms of Project and publications.

No. of Doctorates: 40


  1. COEs

Useful in a imparting additional skill set on par with industry/market demands.

       Centre of Excellence by VirtusaPolaris on Informatica

         Centre of Excellence ​by VirtusaPolaris on "Informatica". Exclusive center in AP & Telangana.

Centre of Excellence for Product Life Cycle Management

Department of Mechanical Engineering has signed a MOU with Tata technologies which was intended to align on the framework for bridging the gap between industry-academia

Centre of Excellence for Cadence

The CADENCE center of excellence allows the students to learn the fundamentals of Analog & Digital Integrated Circuit Design, Simulation and Layout using state-of-the art CMOS process technologies. This laboratory introduces the students to activities involved in the development of mask layout for the designs as well as performing different analysis and simulations of the design.

IBM Centre of Excellence

IBM Academic Initiative Program will be conducted students Certification in the IBM Technology with free of cost. 1050 students have been certified in various IBM tools.

IBM awarded MLRIT as the best COE in the year 2010.

Centre of Excellence for Internet of Things

IoT Lab is a research platform exploring the potential of crowd sourcing and Internet of Things for multidisciplinary research with more end-user interactions. It is an ideal setting to explore the opportunities the internet of things will provide. The goal of the IOT Lab is to research and develop technologies supporting the practical usability of embedded computing devices in existing and future network infrastructures in everyday life.

Centre of Excellence for Mobile Application Development

It provides authorized training for the students and prepares students for careers in the expanding and evolving fields of mobile web and application development. The rapid proliferation of mobile devices combined with the demand for continuous information access by consumers is creating exciting employment opportunities.

Centre of Excellence for BIG DATA and Cloud Computing

Big Data Lab’s research mission is to identify, engineer and evaluate innovative technologies that address current and future data-intensive challenges.

Centre of Excellence for LabVIEW

It provides authorized training and certification courses at campus for internal and external students and also CLAD exams. On successful completion of course and CLAD exam, students are provided internship at NI or NI associated companies.

Centre of Excellence for MATLAB

The research center provides in-house facility for final year projects on image and signal processing, fuzzy logic, neural networks and control systems.

Centre of Excellence for Embedded and Robotics

The COE streamline and guides student to represent the college in national and international level robotic competitions and do research projects.

Centre of Excellence for Digital manufacturing

The Department focuses on Practical model preparation used for various fields of security, navigation etc. CNC lathe and milling machines are installed to produce high accuracy jobs, these two machines are under subtractive manufacturing. 3D printing is an additive manufacturing process used in manufacturing small components (depends on range of printer) with intricate shapes.

Centre of Excellence for Digital Flight Simulation Lab

Department of Aeronautical Engineering has established Flight Simulation Lab as to use this lab in its full extent. Faculty members of Aeronautical Department under went training on this simulator. Mr. Kartavya Mohan Gupta from AerX Labs gave two days training to the faculty and explained them how to operate the simulator and do projects in this lab

EDC (Entrepreneurship Development Cell)

The prime Motto is to create a platform for entrepreneur aspirants, explain the provisions to explore their ideas, making them aware of moral and financial suppliers available in the market.



  1. MOUs

Means of getting certification w.r.t latest technologies in the campus itself.

(First of its kind in south Asia in Product Life cycle Management  certification from TATA TECHNOLOGIES, First of its kind in South India CATIA certification from Dassault Systems etc..)


  1. Sports Facility

The only engineering college in Telanagana to have sports academy with state-of-art international quality indoor & outdoor sports complex, enhancing overall personality of the student.


  1. Research Development

More than 25 Funded Projects sanctioned from various government organizations like, DST, MHRD, AICTE etc.


  1. Placements

More than 75% of students are placed in the best of the industries attracting the best salary packages.


  1. NBA (National Board of Accreditation)  & NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Counsel)

NBA and NAAC ensure quality education and we are accredited by these bodies implies we are providing quality education.


  1. Autonomous Status

Has a flexibility of framing own syllabus there by introducing industry oriented subjects in the curriculum.


  1. Hostel Facilities

Hostel within the campus saves lot of transit time. Hygienic nutritious food, learning hours with faculty guidance, library & computer lab facility provided after college hours and Wi-Fi facility.