Patents :

The college recognizes the importance of protecting Intellectual Property Rights. Faculty members are given orientation on the various avenues available for patenting. The faculty members and students based on their research work / invention carried out at MLR Institute of Technology have filed the following patents:

Sl. No. Academic Year Name of the Applicant Title of the Patent
1. 2015-16 Prof.N.Chandrasekhar Reddy (CSE), PROFESSOR Stress level Indicator
2. Dr. S. Madhu (Mech), PROFESSOR Mechanized Horse
3. Dr. M. Satyanarayana Gupta (Aero), PROFESSOR UAV for Detecting Crop Diseases
4. Dr. K. Ilaiah (IT), PROFESSOR Palmprint Retrieval based on Matchscores and Decision-Level Fusion
5. P. Dayaker (CSE), ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR Automatic street lights controlling through mobile app
6. Ms. B. Madhuravani (CSE), ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR Heart Rate Monitor
7. 2014-15 Dr.G.Kiran Kumar (CSE), PROFESSOR A Health-IoT Platform Based on the Bio-Sensor and mobile application
9. Dr.P.Amarender Reddy (IT), PROFESSOR Crakr Charger
10. Dr.Shaik Gouse (IT), PROFESSOR Remote controlled vacuum cleaning , floor mopping and drying
11. Mr.Ch.Achi Reddy (Mathatamatics), PROFESSOR Solar Boat
12. 2013-14 Dr.P.Bhaskara Reddy (ECE), PROFESSOR TRACKING BRISTLEBOT
13. Dr.V.Radhika Devi (Physics), PROFESSOR F.M. Transmitter and receiver
14. Mr. SVS Prasad (ECE), PROFESSOR Automatic Street Light system without sensorsr