Doctoral Faculty Research Areas

Sl. No. Faculty Name Research Area
1. Dr. P Bhaskara Reddy Network Security, Information Technology and Communication Engineering
2. Dr. Karthik Rajendra Nanoelectronics, VLSI Engineering, Graphene based electronics, Microwave Antennas, Image Processing
3. Dr. A V Paramkusam Image Processing
4. Dr. V. Mahendra Reconfigurable computing for Multimedia Applications, Design of Heterogeneous computing systems on FPGA
5. Dr. T. S. Arulananth Image processing, Embedded Systems.
6. Dr. B. Sridhar Image Processing, Watermarking, Cryptography, Steganography
7. Dr. P. Chandra Shekar VLSI Design, Analog ASIC, Current mode circuits, Oscillators and Waveform generators
8. Dr. Ilaiah Kavati Image Processing
9. Dr. Bulusu Rama Computer Graphics
10. Dr. G Kiran Kumar Spatial Data Mining, Big Data
11. Dr. G Arul Dalton Wireless Cellular Network
12. Dr. Syed Umar Computer networks, Sensor network, Wireless / Mobile Communication
13. Dr. K. Srinivasa Rao Data Mining, Computer Networks
14. Dr. P. Amarendra Reddy Data Mining
15. Dr. Sheikh Gouse Big Data, Network Security
16. Dr. K. Kiran Reddy Software Engineering
17. Dr. M.Satyanarayana Guptha Design & Production
18. Dr. S. Madhu Polymer Composites
19. Dr. J. Krishnaraj Manufacturing Engineering (Industrial Scheduling)
20. Dr. L. Venugopal Composites Materials, Manufacturing
21. Dr. K. Ashok Reddy Heat and Thermal Engineering
22. Dr. M. Tirupalaiah Economics
23. Dr. Radhika Devi V Transparent conducting oxides
24. Dr. Balaji Y Microscopy, Optical Tweezers, Complex Fluids, Soft Materials, Bio-Physics
25. Dr. Abhishek Burri Nano-Catalysis, CO2 Chemistry, Petrochemicals
26. Dr P Nityananda Kumar Reddy Organic Synthesis & Analytical of Metal Ligand Complexes
27. Dr. J. Venkateshwarlu Synthesis, Medicinal Properties of Drugs
28. Dr Manjula Optimization, Reliability and Probability & Statistics
29. Dr. S Suneetha Marketing, Finance
30. Dr. G. Sudhir Marketing Management, Organization behaviour, Human Resource Management, Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship Management.
31. Dr. K. Sankit Ramkrishna VLSI, Low Power VLSI Design
32. Dr. Ch. Achi Reddy Mathematics