Entrepreneurship Development Cell

The prime Motto is to create a platform for entrepreneur aspirants,explain the provisions to explore their ideas,making them aware of moral and financial suppliers available in the market.


To provide highly pro-active,workaholic,students as entrepreneur to the society and satisfy needs of the market and fulfilling the dreams of aspirants


As EDC's is presently just a part of Institutions. Sincere dedication and hard work further success should turn it as heart of the Institutions.


The main objective of this cell is to train and motivate the Science and Technology (S&T) persons to become Job Creators rather than Job Seekers.

1.      To inculcate the entrepreneurial culture into their minds.

2.      To conduct

                   Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps (EAC)

                   Entrepreneurship Development Programs (EDP)

                   Faculty Development programs (FDP)

                   Skill development programs (SDP)

For the S&T persons of our college as well as students from neighboring institutions.

3.      To assist them in starting industries of their own right from

             Product Identification (PI)

             Market Survey, tools for market research

             Preparation of Project Reports

             Assist them in getting Technical feasibility Report

4.      To liaison with various external agencies AND Institutions like CII, T-HUB, DRDL, DRDO, BYST and others.

5.      Consultancy and research

EDC Coordinator and Team:                                     

S.No Name Designation Department Contact No
1 Mrs. M. Mallika Reddy Assoc.Prof- EDC Coordinator, Admin TEP MBA 8978100662
2 Mr. P. Dayaker Assoc. Prof- Cocoordinator CSE 8801279434
3 Mr. N. Prabhu Kishore Assoc. Prof MECH 8297346385
4 Mr. D. Laxma Reddy Asst.Prof ECE 9849729796
5 Mr.Jyothi Kalyan Asst.Prof  MBA 7207289919
6 Mr.G.Dhanunjayan Asst.Prof Aero 9841455694

Upcoming Events:


Conducted Events:

MLRIT –EDC organized A talk show by the Alumni Entrepreneur Mr Karthik, HR, Founder ‘My Neighbor’, Ms Swekriti, City Head, ‘Becoming I Foundation


MLRIT organized A 2 Day workshop “ Idea to Market (Boot Camp)” for ISB-TEP III Batch MLRIT & HITAM students by ISB Facilitators Mr Abhi Paul, Mr Shri Ram, Mr Suhaas,Ms Jessica.